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Our Most Popular Trading Courses

Learn to be a profitable trader


Intro to Stocks and Options

Moving Averages and Indicators

Chart Patterns


Trading Options for Profit

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What is a financial fortress

The keys to wealth

What true diversification is

When you can quit your job for real

How much money you need to “Retire”

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Watch experienced traders do analysis

Get answers to questions

Overview of all markets

Learn various strategy applications

Confirmation to your own analysis

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Introduction to Indicators

Moving Average Based Indicators


Summation Based Indicators


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Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Target Zones


The Trade Matrix

Fibonacci Angles

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Manage your losses

Never risk too much

Make money over time

Pay yourself consistently

Think like a professional money manager

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Hear what TradeSmart University means to our students.

Thank you so much for all...

Michael, I haven’t talked to you in a while. I did my first real money trade on Jan 29th, and now my account is currently up 50%. TradeSmart has given me all the tools that I need to become a successful trader. Thank you so much for all of the help with my education.

— Rob Paulin, Student

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After more than seven years teaching thousands of students to be successful traders, I know what works and what doesn'’t work. I also know that everyone learns differently, and even though TradeSmart University has helped ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, you’'re probably wondering if it will work for you.

Let me put your mind at ease by making you a promise:

If you agree to work through the suggested course material for 30 days, do your homework, complete the trader conditioning process, and ask for help if you get stuck...

I promise that you'’ll be delighted with your trading education and learn the key elements of becoming a successful trader. If not, we will make it right. Even if that means we refund your past three months of tuition.

We’'ll part ways friends, and you’'ll walk away with your tuition and the knowledge you gained over the previous 30 days.

The risk is all on me, but that'’s how much I believe in you and in our system!

- Josh Hesse
CEO of TradeSmart University

“TSU taught me the basics of trading stocks and options through their live and on-demand training courses, not to mention the ever intuitive trading labs. Not only did I learn how to trade, I also learned the value of having a solid plan and the reasons why a plan is so important.”

- Jeffrey Sloe