The Ultimate Trader’s Library

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Today, Financial Freedom is more accessible than ever. ANYBODY, regardless of formal education or financial means can participate in the stock market. The opportunity is available to all. Will YOU declare your Financial Independence NOW?   Yesterday was July 4th Across America and TSU is celebrating with the LARGEST FLASH SALE EVER OFFERED…93% Off Your … [Read more…]

How Stock Trades Took Me Around The World

around world

Sometimes our adventures in trading take us to unexpected places. We got the following letter from one of our students this week about how her stock trades took her around the world, specifically to Southeast Asia! This was a direct result of following the TradeSmart system for stock trading.   Are you dreaming of a tropical climate … [Read more…]

A Letter: What are you doing…?!


We just received this incredible email from one of our students who asked himself a very important question: “What are you doing with your life?” His answer confirmed that he HAD to TRY AGAIN.   Dear Josh, I would like to start off by saying thank you. TSU taught me the mechanics of the market … [Read more…]

The Day I Started Trading

The Day I Started Trading

The day I decided to trade in the stock market was no sudden decision. Circumstances in my life had been leading me there for some time. The stock market wasn’t the most obvious choice but it was definitely a creative solution to get me where I wanted to be.   As a wife and a … [Read more…]

Financial Freedom Ideas, Words From President John Adams

John Adams

For most people, independence casts a vision of a solid financial foundation. It paints a picture of living freely, without the restraint of functioning under a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. The idea of personal independence implies a personal financial freedom, a goal that ALL seek to achieve.   Contrary to what many may think, financial … [Read more…]

Join The Revolution

Financial Independence

America’s Independence Day is just weeks away and it is both a time for celebration and also a time for reflection. As a country, we celebrate our legal freedom to follow our own faith, to make our own laws, and to pursue happiness.   On a personal level, this is a great time to reflect on our own lives … [Read more…]