How Bollinger Bands Can Simplify Your Trade Analysis

Bollinger Bands

From time to time something happens that changes an industry. By “change” I mean something happens that makes everyone look at it entirely differently. Email changed the way letters were written and common place communication took place. Google changed the way web search was done. The iPhone changed the expectations around cell phones, and companies … [Read more…]

4 Levers of Profitability

4 Levers of Profitability

On Wednesday I talked about the importance of creating an Effective Trading Loop. If you missed it, I would HIGHLY recommend reading that post first. In that post you will realize that you are naturally hardwired to lose money – it’s true. I also showed scientifically why it is critically imperative that you stop defining the success of your … [Read more…]

Trader Alert: Thursday Market Update

Trader Alert: Thursday Market Update

I do not usually do a mid-week market update however, this morning I woke up and saw this picture shaping up. I have recorded a short video to help you see the important signals that have developed in the last 24 hours between the DJIA & Dow Jones Transportation. Watch the video on YouTube here … [Read more…]

Dysfunctional Trading Loop

Trading Loop

Here is a bit of bad news. Are you sitting? Okay, here it is…  Did you know that you are conditioned to lose money as a trader. Wait, that’s not all. Did you also know that prior to placing a trade you are drugged into a state of mind that compels you to take money-losing actions … [Read more…]

Gen X Working ‘Til Death (do us part)

Gen X Working 'Til Death (do us part)

Markets are pushing into all time high’s, and yet Generation X is feeling less and less confident in their future. According a study recently completed by Allianz Life, Gen X’ers (generally defined as those born between the early to mid  1960’s and about 1980) are giving up on the “dream of traditional retirement”. According to … [Read more…]