Choosing a Charting Software

Choosing Charting Software

Have you ever wondered why one charting software might be better than another one? Ever had a hard time making a decision? Today we wanted to share another video from our Ignite Trading Conference where we specifically addressed all of these issues. Click below to watch it and by all means, if you have any … [Read more…]

Choosing a Stock Broker

Choosing a Stock Broker

Yesterday we had a great presentation as part of our Ignite Trading Conference talking about what you might consider when deciding on a broker to work with. We decided it would be a good video to share so click below to watch it and by all means, if you have any questions let us know. … [Read more…]

Another 1000+ points for the DJIA this week?

Another 1000+ points for the DJIA this week?

It’s Tuesday morning, 8:59 AM (9:59 ET) and I’m making my prediction – we are in for another volatile week with all indices, including the DJIA. Things have stabilized after the big drop came just two weeks ago yesterday. The calm is appearing to return. The DJIA opened up over 300 points this morning. However … [Read more…]

Location – Location – Location


There is a well known cliche in real estate that the most important factor to consider is location location location.   A home in a great neighborhood surrounded by great schools and shopping and recreational opportunities are some of the things potential buyers consider before selecting which home to purchase.   People strongly consider location … [Read more…]

Ignite 2015 Keynote Sessions Announced!

Ignite Trading

Nashville TN, September 1, 2015 –   TradeSmart University has announced the schedule for the keynote addresses to be given during the Ignite 2015 Online Trading Conference.   This 28-day trading event is a unique conference because it is spread out over 4-weeks and does not require anyone to travel from their homes or take … [Read more…]