When is a Bollinger Squeeze not a Bollinger Squeeze?

Bollinger Band Squeeze

In the 1980’s technical analyst John Bollinger created a technical tool that would transform the way many traders would approach the market. His tool became known as Bollinger Bands.   Bollinger bands are a natural evolution from another form of trading known as Percent bands, but Bollinger Bands added a volatility component which allowed for … [Read more…]

The Holiday Season is here

The Holiday Season is here

Recently while having coffee with a friend of mine, we discovered that we have the common passion of playing hockey. Upon moving to Nashville, a few years ago, my friend had picked up the sport. Sadly I had to admit during the conversation that although I had played hockey all throughout high school and even … [Read more…]

If Pilgrims Were Traders…

If Pilgrims Were Traders...

Are you seeing a growing contrast in society today between thankfulness and entitlement? Yes? I agree! Yet, this growing cultural movement of expectation over appreciation confuses me. As I think through people I know, those who expect blessings (entitlement) are the ones who never seem to find what they are looking for. On the other hand, those … [Read more…]