Perfection Kills Progress


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about “The single most important thing in trading…”   I received some great feedback and both Eric and Aivaras asked essentially the same question. I’m going to re-word the question and put it into my own words:   “Help! I’m stuck! How do I get unstuck?” … [Read more…]

Is it time to go to all cash?

Is it time to go to all cash?

When markets get a little unsettled it leaves people scrambling for what to do next.   Bill from Orlando wrote this week asking about this very issue after reading our blog post from Monday talking about fear in the financial markets.   Here’s Bill’s actual question:   “Since you guys are worried about the market … [Read more…]

Remove the Unnecessary Fear


Have you ever found yourself stressing out about issues in the market that are completely out of your control? Playing the “what if” game only to find yourself about to go crazy!   Unfortunately when we deal with money, fear is an emotion that is very easy to find. Consequently it sells. In fact I … [Read more…]

What Do I Not See?


Back in the last millennium, before iPhones, digital cameras, and Facebook photo sharing that we know and use today, there was a a company that everyone thought would continue to dominate the world. It was considered a “blue chip”, a company that would certainly be around for the next 100 years the same way it has … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Money Machine

Ultimate Money Machine

The Problem with Saving Money! A friend of mine (who is wealthy by most standards) once told me a story about a difficult financial time in his life. As he tells the story: one day, during that difficult season of his life, he walked past a homeless man and told his wife “that homeless man … [Read more…]