This One Chart Pattern Breaks Bullish 68% of the Time!

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There is only one reason to learn to trade chart patterns: to make more consistent predictions about future price action.   Unfortunately, there are many patterns that traders spend time learning and memorizing that either don’t occur that frequently, or worst, they aren’t that predictable!   Here I’m going to share with you a pattern … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Online Guide to Trading Japanese Candlestick Patterns

The Ultimate Online Guide to Trading Japanese Candlestick Patterns

Trading with Candlestick patterns has been an increasingly popular subject ever since Steve Nison resurrected this lost art in 1991.   Up until that time, technical traders were left to wade through the traditional western bar chart. Many traders worked with Point and Figure charts to bring added clarity to the trend. But Japanese Candlestick … [Read more…]

These 7 Candlestick patterns predict a bullish move


Candlestick patterns are predictive in nature. The vast majority of the technical analysis tools we use require several days of data to calculate their signal. That’s why we call these trailing indicators.   There are a handful of indicators we call “forward-looking” or “leading” indicators, but all of the signals generated from this type of … [Read more…]