The Day I Started Trading

The day I decided to trade in the stock market was no sudden decision. Circumstances in my life had been leading me there for some time. The stock market wasn’t the most obvious choice but it was definitely a creative solution to get me where I wanted to be.


As a wife and a mom, my primary job is to make sure people and things are taken care of. Living paycheck to paycheck with zero retirement savings and approaching 40 years old, I was very much aware that time was running out to set myself up for the future.


Kids would soon be going off to college and I learned that as the boys got older, they seemed to become consistently more expensive. This fact was especially true if I wanted to afford them every opportunity possible to see the world, gain higher levels of education, and to find a greater sense of self and purpose.


For me, the reason I decided to get started trading in the stock market was that my husband and I were running out of time to provide for our family and we knew that stocks had the highest growth potential over time compared to bonds and savings accounts. It was a simple matter of looking at the facts.


“U.S. stocks have consistently earned more than bonds over the long term, despite regular ups and downs in the market.” (



I feel as though my reasoning for jumping into the market is common. Everyone wants financial independence. We all seek financial security.


After coming across many traders during my quest for solutions, I found some other great reasons for investing in the stock market. Do any of these resonate with the cause for your interest in stocks?


“Honestly, the stock market is a thrill ride for me. I trade for fun! It’s very similar to the kids and their video games. It’s a game I try to win every day.” – Jerry Furlow


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“I want to save for my retirement so I don’t have to work until I am 100 years old.” – Judy R.


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“We started trading together a few years ago after realizing that should anything happen to one of us, the other would not be able to sustain our living off of just one income. Now we are on our way to becoming financially secure and losing that ‘What if’ anxiety.” – Carol & Roy Spencer


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“There’s a lot I want to do in life. There’s a lot I want to see. That’s gonna take more cash than I have. Stocks seemed to be the fastest way to grow my cash so I can live more and work less.”– Bobby M.


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“Is there a better answer than to get rich? Haha” – Mark B.


Financial Independence Quote


“I recently ran into someone who was getting into trading. It never crossed my mind to consider it but when I heard that someone I knew was doing it, I started asking them a lot of questions and thinking about what I could do if I made money in the stock market. I have always had ideas for businesses and charities but never had the capital to follow through with any of my ideas. I figured I had nothing to lose and learning never hurt anyone!” –Sam Whistler


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If you are interested in getting started trading in the stock market, your first step is to learn more. There are a ton of resources available for you at including our FREE educational and entertaining blog series! Get educated and get started reaching your goals.





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