Retire with Passive Income


Retirement.   For most people the word itself conjures up images of living a laid back life somewhere near the beach, chasing grandchildren, enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of labor. One thing it does not conjure up: Financial Desperation.   And yet for millions of Americans, financial desperation is the only thing the word retirement … [Read more…]

Seasonality Briefing

Seasonality Briefing

For the last two weeks, we have talked extensively about seasonality in the market. It is of utmost importance for a trader to understand that April historically was the best performing month on the S&P 500 while May is one of the worst.   Below is a chart of the aggregated performance of the S&P … [Read more…]

Your Premarket Checklist

premarket checklist stock market blog

    Are you looking for some quick trades for some quick cash?  If you are a short-term trader you will want to check out this premarket checklist created for you by our friends at Fierce Trading!   Fierce Trading specializes in short term trades and has partnered with us, TradeSmart University, to bring our favorite traders some useful … [Read more…]

Seasonal Slump

seasonal webinar

There is an old saying in the market – Sell in May and Go Away? It is a catchy phrase, but how practical is this idea? As we roll into May, it is a good time to recalibrate thinking. Below are two sets of performance graphs looking at the S&P 500 over the last 20 … [Read more…]

TradeLyon Charting Software


World class trading requires world class tools. TradeLyon provides the right indicators that give deep insights into market behavior. Are you not satisfied with the status quo? TradeLyon can help you program your own indicator – and test it. Watch this short overview of TradeLyon Charting Software:   3 Steps You Need to Consistently Profit … [Read more…]

Dow on a Winning Streak!

Dow Jones Industrial Average Winning Streak

Today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed its 12th consecutive day higher. Sound amazing? You are right. In fact, throughout its 132-year history, there have only been three other instances where the DJIA ran a 12+ day winning streak.     Indeed, a 12-day bullish streak of the DJIA is rarer than a real-life Snow Donut … [Read more…]

7 Essential Trading Tools You Must Have

7 Essential Trading Tools You Must Have

Stock and option trading is exploding with popularity. Whether you want to make a little extra cash on the side, or work towards a full-fledged retirement from your day job, it is easier than ever to become a trader. Below are 7 tools you need to get started!     1. Start with Education   … [Read more…]