How Stock Trades Took Me Around The World

Sometimes our adventures in trading take us to unexpected places. We got the following letter from one of our students this week about how her stock trades took her around the world, specifically to Southeast Asia! This was a direct result of following the TradeSmart system for stock trading.


Are you dreaming of a tropical climate somewhere? Ally explains in her letter exactly how she got there with her trades.


So I started doing TradeSmart several years ago.   I’ve invested a little bit of money and have actually done more good things than bad things (and of course we all do some dumb trades).  So I sold some Apple.  It was pretty pricy several years ago but made it to $500 a share, then had a split, and is now in the $145’s…. so I cashed a little bit out so I can take a trip of a lifetime… Southeast Asia for a 6-weeks!!


“I am NOT some big fancy trader…

just a girl standing in front of a chart asking it to love me.”

– Ally M., Alabama



First of all, I am NOT some big fancy trader. I am no Gordon Gekko or Warren Buffett!  I am more like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill “.. just a girl standing in front of a chart asking it to love me.” (no offense Julia)


I got started trading because my sister-in-law is a day trader.  I watched her with her six computer screens every morning setting her positions, then going out and working in the garden.  She would throw out names I knew and vaguely explain what she was doing. At the time I thought it was way too risky and difficult to trade.  It was just too much out of my realm of thinking.


It was 2010 and I had just gone through a divorce and needed to learn how to take care of my money. Ha, there is something the American education system never teaches anyone, how to take care of money! The timing was great because we were starting a bull market after a huge crash.


I don’t remember exactly how I found TradeSmart. I think through a Google search as I was looking for courses to learn the basics. I am sure I did the intro course then signed up for more. Jeremy has good webinar voice, he gets a little excited sometimes (it’s so cute) and he will take the time to explain fundamentals. He seems like a “real person” who cares about what he teaches and he stresses fundamentals.  


My goal with trading is to find companies I believe in, that have a decent dividend, and can make me enough money to move to some tropical nation with a beautiful beach.” I tend to buy and hold for 3 to 6 months or we hit a stop. I buy companies I know. I own shares from the places I have worked; Whole Foods, Apple, American Express.  All great companies. Then I own the places I frequent or services I use; Starbucks, Amazon, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines, Coke-a-Cola.


I hold no more than about 10 to 15 at any time. Usually only buy when a stock hits my target, then sell when it obtains a decent return. I have bought my fair share of dogs because of speculation and not paying attention to the fundamentals you all set forth.


I enjoy the challenge, I have learned a lot, and it’s paying off with a nice vacation. I actually have return better performance than my fancy-pants financial planner who has my retirement. I feel very fortunate to have made money and understand markets much better from doing TradeSmart programs. I am a TradeSmart believer.


So that is me… not getting rich but just building wealth.  


Thanks for all you do. I never comment on the webcasts but I listen and read and plan things out so the system works.”



Ally M



As Ally heads for Asia, consider your own direction. Think about your trading system and goals. Are your trades steering you towards financial freedom or is your stock boat circling back towards the dock? Is there some vital information that you may have missed along the way which is preventing you from gaining financial ground?


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Bon Voyage!








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