Cash Flow Trading How Professional Traders Pay Their Bills

General Information

  • Course: Cash Flow Trading
  • Level: Beginner/Intermeditate
  • Setting: Online/Virtual/On-Demand
  • Course Length: 7-8 hours
  • Completion Time: 3-7 days
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Course Overview

Every trader gets into the world of trading for one reason: To create more money. So why is it most advisors prepare their clients to wait 5 or more years before they see any real results with their investments?

That time frame may be fine for people will millions of dollars to invest and no time urgency, but most people don’t have 5 years to wait around wondering if their investments are going to pan out. That’s why professional traders, those who make a living in the market, approach things differently. They aren’t trading for long term growth...

Professionals trade for CASH FLOW.

Course Description

CASH FLOW Trading is a unique program designed to serve one purpose: Teach you how to trade for income - Cash Flow.

Your training is divided into 7 lessons. By covering the essential topics such as trade analysis, trend direction, stagnant markets, and 6 different strategies, each lesson breaks down a different component or strategy you need to effectively trade the market for monthly income.

What You’ll learn in this course

Cash Flow Trading Course Details


CASH OUT (How to buy and sell for a profit)

  • Passive vs. Active trading
  • Cash Flow trading analysis
  • Timing trades for profit
  • Steps to Trade Confirmation

Fast Cash, Fast Trends

  • Rapid Trend identification
  • Redundancy trend confirmation
  • Strategies for trend trades
  • Knowing when to get out

Buy, Sell, Cash Out, Repeat

  • Predictable patterns for income
  • Quick buy low, sell high strategies
  • Indicators for clarifying timing
  • Stop loss placement

Guaranteed Money Every 2 Weeks (or so)

  • Beat the S&P every year
  • Get paid weekly, every 2 weeks, or monthly
  • Build a long term position with cash flow
  • A trick to Double ROI immediately

Get Paid for Stocks You Don’t Own

  • Powerful strategy of long term fund traders
  • Get guaranteed pay before entering the trade
  • Lower your entry price
  • Use the same trick as Warren Buffett

Predictable Cash with the “85% Trade”

  • Earn 5-15% ROI every month
  • Make money in neutral markets
  • Profits 85% of the time (or more)
  • This strategy could retire you in 2 years or less

The Perfect Option Trade (it almost always wins)

  • Profit if the stock goes up OR down
  • Ideal trade setup
  • Ideal time from for trade
  • How to maximize the trade

What you will get

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