Essential Market Indicators

Driving a car without a speedometer almost guarantees a speeding ticket! You might say the speedometer is an ESSENTIAL INDICATOR for drivers.

Likewise, trading the market without your essential indicators almost guarantees unnecessary losses and frustration. Join us online for a LIVE teaching in January of our brand-new class, Essential Market Indicators. Starting with the “Core Four” - you will learn everything you need to know about using indicators appropriately to maximize your trading. Then, join us for breakouts as we work through the 200+ indicators available to you.

Essential Market Indicators is our most anticipated, student requested class of all time. Don’t miss out - tickets to the live event are limited by webinar capacity.

Course Breakdown

You will learn:

  • Stochastics
  • RSI
  • MACD
  • Bollinger Bands
  • McClellan Oscillator
  • ADX
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Ichimoku Clouds
  • Adaptive Moving Average
  • And much more

When we set out to develop an indicator training program that would truly serve everybody, we asked the question “how?” We knew the “what” (teach indicators so everyone can understand them) but the “how” is a much more difficult question to answer. After all, everybody is different. An indicator one person likes may be totally different from an indicator that will work well for another person.

We decided to divide Essential Market Indicators into two phases of teaching:
Phase 1: The Core Four
Phase 2: Individual Breakouts

The Core Four

The Core Four is a set of four classes that teach the basics of how all indicators work. There are certain broad classifications of indicators. For example, all moving averages have some things in common. All oscillators have some things in common. In does not make sense to reteach the same information for every indicator. The Core Four is for everybody. It provides the foundation to how indicators work and how a trader should start applying them.

Individual Breakouts

Since indicators are such a wide topic (more than 200 indicators are available to trade with) it would be impossible to build a logical program that covered everything. To address this, we decided to construct a series of breakout sessions that address individual indicators. This way, a student can watch the “core four” to get a foundation, and then skip to the individual indicator they want to learn more about.

This format division will help streamline the learning process for students as well as allow students to better custom build their own trading style and system.


Essential Market Indicators

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