Foundations of Stocks &
Options - LEVEL 1 How To Beat Professional Stock Traders at Their Own Game

General Information

  • Tuition: $895 FREE SCHOLARSHIP
  • Level: Beginner/Intermeditate
  • Setting: LIVE Online Webinar
  • Course: Length: 8 Sessions
  • Time: About 90 Minutes per session
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Begins Tuesday September 26


Imagine waking up in the morning, commuting to downtown New York, arriving at the office, stepping up to your trade terminal, and hearing the opening bell ring….

Imagine all of the little, common traders, around the world hustling in their houses and condos to hurriedly get their trades placed on their laptops and mobile device…

Imagine watching all of those orders from the common traders flooding in. You see your opportunity. You POUNCE! You Devour. You profit. Cash out, pack up, go home. Another day at the office.

This story is exactly what most of the “common traders” think is happening on Wall Street every day. It couldn’t be further from the truth. But most people have no idea because the ideas they have been taught about trading are based in complete theory with very little fact and very little real results.

In 2008, the co-founders of TradeSmart University launched the program we now know as Foundations of Stocks & Options to teach the “little guy” exactly what professional traders are doing, along with how, and why.

When this program originally launched, as a special promotion the first 8 classes were made available as a free scholarship. The great recession was in full swing and TradeSmart simply wanted to help people protect their capital and profit during this difficult market time.

Now, in 2017, the complete Foundations of Stocks & Options program has been updated. For the first time in over a year, TradeSmart University is excited to offer the ALL NEW Foundations of Stocks and Options - SCHOLARSHIP

Call out quote: “Most people are simply like shark bait in the market. They have no idea what to look at, how to analyze, much less when to buy or sell. That’s why professional traders eat them up.”   - Jeremy Whaley, Co-Founder TSU

Course Description

FOUNDATIONS OF STOCKS AND OPTIONS is a unique program designed to serve one purpose: Teach you how to trade the stock market like professionals.

The complete Foundations of Stocks and Options is broken into 3 levels:

Level 1
The FOUNDATION of how the market works.

  • Why markets behave the way they do
  • How to time entries and exits
  • Types of strategies for profiting in the market
  • Why the news is a big distraction
  • How to analyze any stock in 10 minutes or less

Level 2
How to READ the market like a pro.

  • Various analysis technquies
  • Refining precise entries and exits
  • Identifying advanced buying and selling price points
  • Interpreting chart data quickly and accurately
  • Profiting from foolish uneducated market behavior

Level 3
How to PLAY the market

  • How to profit when the market is up OR down
  • Option strategies
  • Risk management techniques
  • Trade planning and optimization
  • How to master the market quickly

This Foundations of Stocks and Options Scholarship is for the COMPLETE LEVEL 1 training.

This scholarship will be taught LIVE, by TSU co-founder Jeremy Whaley and is not available for replay, you must attend live to receive your scholarship.

Class Details


Introduction to the program

  • Current Trading Environment
  • Trading vs. Investing
  • Tools for success
  • Introduction to Charting

When to Buy & Sell a Stock

  • Understanding Market Direction
  • Driving forces of market behavior
  • Support & Resistance
  • Basic Charting

Profiting in Bear Markets

  • Strategy Choices
  • Stock Order Types
  • Understanding Short Orders
  • The Trade Setup

Advanced Support & Resistance

  • Basic Support & Resistance Review
  • Advanced Line Drawing
  • Setting Entries & Exits
  • Contingency Orders

Maximizing the Trade

  • The power of the Trend
  • Identifying the trend early
  • Moving Averages
  • Basic Trend Following System

Understanding Stock Options

  • The real risk of trading stocks
  • Buying stock insurance
  • Introduction to stock options
  • Calls & Puts

Trading Options for Maximum Cash

  • Why we use options
  • The Basic Building Blocks
  • Basic Option Selection
  • Option Pricing

Planning for Success & Rewards

  • Understanding good analysis
  • Trading Plans (for success)
  • Managing Risk/Reward
  • How to Never Go Broke

What you will get

When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • Foundations of Stocks & Options LEVEL 1 SCHOLARSHIP
  • 8 Course Lessons/Modules
  • Links to LIVE Webinar series
  • Lesson Notebooks

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