Japanese Trading Systems

In 1991 the western world discovered Japanese Candlesticks and it changed the way technical analysis is done. But candlesticks are not the only secret Japanese traders have held. Ichimoku Cloud charts are the next iteration of Japanese analysis tools and they are making many trading desks a lot of money.

Discover the hidden secrets of Japanese trend trading. Unlock the long term view that candlesticks can not predict. Identify internal support & resistance levels you may not have seen lurking. Confirm a trend is in the clear or under the cloud.

Class Breakdown

Candlestick trading has been a staple of technical traders for more than 20 years now, but relatively little has been written about or is known about the next iteration of Japanese trading - Ichimoku cloud charts. This system of trading was developed to compliment Candlesticks and make them more powerful for trend trading. Ichimoku Cloud charts are the Japanese answer to identifying trend line support & resistance, recognizing when a larger level of trend is reversing, Identifying continuation price points, and recognizing when consolidation should occur.

Ichimoku Charts are a completely different way of looking at and analyzing market data. Much like the candlesticks that preceded them, cloud charts are very picturesque. The name “Ichimoku Kinko Hyo” actually means “at a glance”. And when properly interpreted, a glance is all you need when looking at these charts.

In this 4-class series traders will learn how to construct the Ichimoku charts, as well as the key interpretation signals, the trading system that works with the clouds, and how to apply these signals to their individual trades. Ichimoku charts are an absolute must for anyone trading Forex or international markets, and they are a great additional for anyone wanting a different way to interpret stock charts for basic stock or option trades.

Class 1

  • History of Japanese Charting
  • Candlesticks meet the clouds
  • Intro to cloud charts
  • How to build a cloud chart

Class 2

  • Reading the cloud charts
  • Key trading signal
  • Interpreting the cloud chart data
  • Buy/sell signals & setting stops

Class 3

  • Testing & proving the system
  • Trading Signal Checklist
  • Walking through the analysis
  • Observations on interpretation

Class 4

  • Strategies for candles and clouds
  • Applying to Forex
  • Option trades with the clouds
  • Multiple Time frame application

Japanese Trading Systems

  • Includes 4 Core Classes
  • All on-going breakout sessions
  • All recordings
  • Notebooks for every class and breakout

Price: just $497

Letter from Jeremy

Dear Future Cloud Trader,

As most of you know, I have been trading now for the better part of two decades. I placed my first trade in 1999 while I was still in college and I have continued to be a student of the market ever since. I have read literally hundreds of books on the subject of trading and it is rare to find something that is new to peak my interest.

However, just a couple of years ago I discovered something that indeed did peak my interest and I am now excited to share this discovery with you.

As the story goes, I was on a plane to Los Angeles California to meet with John Bollinger, the creator of Bollinger bands. I went to hear him teach on the subject and also spend some time getting to know him better and his trading systems. On my way out the door I just grabbed a couple books off the shelf to read on the plane.

One of the books I grabbed was on the subject of Ichimoku Clouds. As I started reading I truly could not put the book down. This was a fascinating new way of looking at market data, one I had never seen. Ironically the techniques have been around for decades. But they had only been used in Japanese trading houses with little interest from western traders. By the time I got to LA it was like I almost didn’t care anymore about learning more about Bollinger Bands, I was immersed in my new found charting technique.

I spent the weekend learning more about Bollinger Bands, and at night in my hotel room I spent my time testing the Ichimoku Clouds. By the time I returned home I certainly had discovered some powerful new trade analysis secrets!

It has been two years since I first learned of Ichimoku Clouds. I believe in the clouds as a system and I know that any trader who applies them will get some signals that their trading competition simply does not get.

I am very excited to present this new program on Japanese Trading Systems where we will combine our traditional candlestick signals with Ichimoku Cloud signals. I encourage you to take the classes and discover yet another angle on how the Japanese culture approaches technical analysis. I am certain once you see the clouds you will be as hypnotized as I was two years ago when I first started to learn about them.

I look forward to seeing you in class, and as always,

Happy Trading

Jeremy Whaley
Co-Founder/Chairman TSU

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