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What’s the difference that makes the difference? That’s a question every trader must answer. Very few individuals are “natural” traders. Most work hard to develop the skills and mindset to profit consistently. Coaching is a resource that will both expedite and improve the quality of your development as a trader.

Premier Coaching is an innovative personal coaching program designed to take your trading to the next level. Our coaches are committed to helping leverage your current trading skills and talents so you can ultimately meet and exceed your trading goals.

Coaching Overview

Premier Coaching Includes

  • Developing Your Trading Plan
  • Creating a Trader’s Mindset
  • Using Consistent Daily Habits
  • Professional Accountability
  • Technical Analysis
  • Trade Strategy
  • Trade Review
  • Trade Management
  • & Account Management

We all have blind-spots. Those are the pitfalls in your trading that you can’t see but are obvious to a coach. Blind-spots are what take you out of the game.

TSU Leadership and Coaches have years of real world trading experience and they have seen every type of obstacle imaginable in the stock market. Therefore, they are fully prepared and ready to help each student overcome his or her unique set of challenges and obstacles when it comes to the following:

Developing Your Trading Plan

One of the best ways to become and stay a consistently profitable trader for life is to have a detailed, specific, and logical trading plan and a Premier Coach will help you run your trading career like a business with a well thought out proven plan to match your unique talents.

Trader Mindset

It is imperative to develop a professional trader mindset that differentiates the amateur traders from the professional traders. A Premier Coach will help you do this quickly and effectively.

Consistent Daily Empowering Habits

The most successful traders have very consistent habits empowering daily routines that they do each and every day. A Premier Coach will help you create, instill, and immerse yourself each day in the habits of world class traders.

Professional Accountability

The setback for most new traders and struggling seasoned ones is how they hold themselves accountable and how they measure their results. Acquiring skill in trading is doing what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it and A Premier Coach will hold you accountable and help you measure your results as a trader the most productive and effective way possible.

Technical Analysis

The most effective way to master technical analysis is through practice and visual repetition. A trader must train their eyes to quickly identify the most common and useful technical indicators and then quickly weight them in order of importance and effectiveness. A trained Premier Coach will work with you looking at live charts in real scenarios to help your eye become that of a professional.


One of the biggest pitfalls traders make is trying to do too much as compared with the approach of mastering one strategy with extreme laser focus and then moving on to another one after you have completely mastered the best strategy for you. A Premier Coach will help you find the strategy and type of trade set up that fits your unique style and then master it.

Trade Review

Traders often underestimate the power of trade review as the past is an awesome predictor when scanning for a new play but also an awesome tool to identify all you did right and wrong in the most recent trade you took. A Premier Coach will walk you through past trades and analysis your trading plan, your trade set up, and how well you executed your trade.

Trade Management/Account Management

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge and obstacle traders face is trade management and account management. Usually a trader enters into a trade based on logical and sound analysis of the chart; however, soon it becomes managed by an irrational and emotional trader who is now managing it based on the Profit and Loss rather than the chart. A Premier Coach will dive into Trade and Account Management with you from the very beginning and guide you on the path of doing it right before your first trade is even placed.

Remember a professional trader spends his time looking for reasons not to trade while an amateur trader spends his time looking to trade. This is where Trade Smart University Personal Coaching comes into play as a Premier Coach will take the time and bring to bear resources, which will help you down the path to becoming a successful professional trader. So contact us today and get ready for some of the most intense and rewarding one on one training sessions available in the market place today: Trade Smart University’s Personal Coaching Program.

More About Alphonso Esposito

Alphonso Esposito

Instructor & Premier Coach at TradeSmart University
Co-Founder and Lead Moderator at

Alphonso began his full time trading career in 2010 after trading part time for years and owning a successful mortgage business. Since 2010, he has become a successful intraday trader of equities and also a short term swing trader. His approach to trading has been to acquire skill in all facets of trading, including strategy, risk management, and most importantly the mental aspect of trading.

Alphonso has been a live moderator in an active day trading room in which he called live trades and gave various talks on risk management and trading psychology. He also coaches traders through their mental blocks to break patterns, and bridge the gap from where a trader is in their career to where they ultimately want to be.

Alphonso lives in a historic small town in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

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