Trading Labs

Trading Labs are your chance to engage in a Live Webinar with the instructors here at TradeSmart University. Described as “student led, teacher facilitated,” the labs are an open session where students can ask questions and learn from the questions of other students. Instructors seek to turn each question into a group learning experience.

Topics can range from individual trade analysis to broad market implications to option strategies or technical indicators. Each Trading Lab session truly takes on a personality of its own. Trading Labs are included with every Gold and Platinum level membership.

Trading Labs Schedule

Trading Labs currently meet 3x per week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings. Each of the instructors at TradeSmart University hosts a weekly lab. All labs are recorded and are posted in the membership area under “Trading Labs”. Recordings remain posted for approximately 1 month.


  • Jeremy Whaley
  • Time: 8pm EST


  • Josh Hesse
  • Time: 9:30pm EST


  • Alphonso Esposito
  • Time: 8pm EST

Trading Labs

  • Includes Live Weekly Sessions
  • All on-going breakout sessions
  • All recordings

Price: just $39/mo


Am I ready for Trading Labs?

Yes. Trading Labs is your chance to interact with a live learning environment. They are intended to support our on-demand course videos and provide a platform to have questions answered and clarified. If you are enrolled and watching lessons at TradeSmart University then you are certainly ready for Trading Labs.

What kind of questions should I ask in Trading Labs?

Technically anything goes. It is advised to keep your questions in line with each instructor’s expertise. For example, ask questions about Day Trading in Alphonso’s labs and ask options questions in the labs by Josh or Jeremy.

How long are Trading Labs?

A typical trading lab will be approximately 90 minutes. If you can not attend the full session it is okay to come in and out of the webinar. Often times you may find the sessions go longer as the conversations evolve. Sometimes it is just not appropriate to cut a discussion off and the sessions may go on for quite some time.

Will you give me specific trades for the week?

Kind of. Trading Labs is not intended as a trade following service. However in the course of teaching it is common for trade setups to naturally present themselves. If you find a setup that you like and want to take it by all means you have the freedom to do so.

Are the Trading Labs recorded?

Yes. All Trading Labs are recorded. They are posted in the Trading Labs section of your membership area and will typically be available within 24 hours of the live session. Recorded sessions are typically available online for at least 1 month after the live teaching.

How do I attend?

Trading Labs are taught via the GoToWebinar training platform. Once you register for the labs you should receive an email with a link before each session. If at any time you need to manually log in, you can simply go to the “Trading Labs” on your membership page and click on the link that says “Attend the webinars.” If the session is live it will log you in directly.

How is Trading Labs Different than Power Trader Live?

Power Trader Live is our Sunday night program where we talk about the market before it happens and look at possible trade setups. Power Trader Live has a specific agenda to do a market analysis on each of the stocks on our Top 10 list. One could say Power Trader live is all about analysis.

By contrast, Trading Labs are much more free form. There is not a specific set agenda. In one lab we may have 5-6 trade analysis and setups and in another lab we may not have any. However in Trading Labs we may get off on a 20 minute discussion on market psychology, while those conversations would rarely happen in Power Trader Live. Both programs have a distinct personality and after attending each you will see the differences between them.

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