For more information and videos, please go to your Getting Started With TSU icon on you Membership page

Q: How do I create a profile and start using my Membership?

A: To create your TradeSmart University member's Profile, you will go to Here, you will click the “REGISTER” button next to: “NEW? SIGN UP NOW”. Enter your information under “Create Account” and click continue. The next step is filling out your profile information. This information includes, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthday, etc, along with an “About Me” section. Next, you can add a profile picture by clicking the “Choose File” button and select a photo that will represent you, then click “Save Photo” to finalize this process, or you can skip this step. Congratulations! You have created your TradeSmart University member’s Profile!

Q: How do I access my classes?

A: You will first have to sign up for one of TSU’s Monthly Memberships. Not sure which one is right for you…Contact your Student Success Coach. Once you have your membership, here’s how to access your classes: you must first create your TradeSmart University Member’s profile. Once you have created your TSU profile, this will take you to your Members Home page. Here you will see all of your course icons located in the middle of the page. Just click on the course icon you wish to take. We suggest starting with “Foundations of Stocks and Options Level 1”. Once you click on the icon, you will see all of the different classes and the videos for each course. Just click on the green video link and start learning! If you have questions, please click on the “Getting Started With TradeSmart University icon, or email

Q: How do I register for live classes?

A: To register for any live class, go to the “Members Home” page on your TSU profile. Now click the icon of the class you would like to register for. You will be brought to the product page and if we are currently offering live classes of that course, the registration link will be underneath the instructor's name and will read: “Register For Live Class.” IMPORTANT: You will have to re-register at the beginning of each month for on-going live classes.

Q: Trouble watching videos?

A: While TradeSmart University does their best to make sure everyone has the same user experience, we do recommend these steps to optimize the performance of the website.


Internet Explorer is supported, but we do recommend using a WebKit browser (FireFox, Chrome or Safari). Here are the links to download each browser.
Google Chrome
Mozilla FireFox
If you're set on using Internet Explorer, we recommend upgrading to the most current version that your machine can run.
Internet Explorer


Make sure you have the most up-to-date Flash running on your machine. You can check by clicking here. (uncheck the McAfee box on that page before the download.)

Q: How fast can I quit my job?

A: Well, technically, you can quit your job anytime, but if you want to keep getting paid, you probably should not quit your job, at least not yet. It will take time to learn to be a good trader, and certainly you need more than a few days to not just learn how to trade, but practice, implement, and prove to yourself that you can effectively trade. The core TSU program, (Foundations of Stocks and Options) is a 3 month program, although technically you could do it in less than a month. After students go through the 3 month program most find they need to go through it again to reemphasize things they learned and clarify things they may not be clear about. Some students start trading successfully within 2-4 months, others take closer to a year. It's a very personal situation and in no way can we guarantee or promise how soon you can become a successful trader. Consequently, we would not encourage you to immediately quit your job. This is not a winning plan.

Q: Do you trade Penny Stocks?

A: In short NO... In Long... Penny Stocks are a very dangerous, illiquid and unregulated market. They are highly manipulated and have decimated many, many, many trading accounts. If you are a penny stock trader, it's truly a question of WHEN not IF you're going to get burned badly.

Q: Do I have enough money to begin trading?

A: You may be surprised how much most of our alumni students begin with. $2,500 - $5,000 is a very nice size trading account, but even if you don't have that yet – keep learning. What you think is a challenge may actually be a blessing and you don't realize it! Often, students are able to focus more on their education when they don't have $5k burning a hole in their trading pockets.

Q: How do I Contact My Student Success Coach?

A: To contact your Student Success Coach, please send an email to

Q: How can I contact the TSU Customer Service Team?

The best way to reach our Customer Service Team by emailing them directly at

Q: What hours is the TSU Customer Service Team available?

Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST, with limited weekend coverage. You can reach them at We will reply to all emails within a 24 hour period, however, during special promotions, this period of time may be extended to a 48 hour period of time. We will respond to your request in the order it was received. Finally, our customer service team does take off all major holidays.

Q: How do I change my membership?

A: To upgrade/downgrade your membership, contact your Student Success Coach by sending an email to

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: You may cancel anytime by contacting your Student Success Coach. To contact your Student Success Coach, please send an email to You will continue to have access until your next billing date.

Q: Can I get a refund, or partial refund?

A: After more than seven years teaching thousands of students to be successful traders, I know what works and what doesn'’t work. I also know that everyone learns differently, and even though TradeSmart University has helped ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, you’'re probably wondering if it will work for you.

Let me put your mind at ease by making you a promise:

If you agree to work through the suggested course material for 90 days, do your homework, complete the trader conditioning process, and ask for help if you get stuck...

I promise that you'’ll be delighted with your trading education and learn the key elements of becoming a successful trader. If not, we will make it right. Even if that means we refund your past three months of tuition.

We’'ll part ways friends, and you’'ll walk away with your tuition and the knowledge you gained over the previous 90 days.

The risk is all on me, but that'’s how much I believe in you and in our system!