Options Made Simple: 101 & 201

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Options Made Simple: 101

  • Intro - How Options Lower Risk, Increase Profit, and Make you a Better Trader
  • The Basic Building Blocks
  • Option Pricing
  • The Basic Strategy (Buying Calls & Puts)
  • Walking through a Trade
  • Closing the Trade
  • Time Decay: The Silent Capital Killer
  • Weekly Cash with Weekly Options
  • Bonus Video #1: Option Order Forms
  • Bonus Video #2: Walking Through an Order
  • Class Videos For Life!

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The Complete Series
  • How Options Can Present a Lower Risk Than Trading Stocks
  • How Options Provide Winning Opportunities Even in Dry or Stagnant Markets
  • Lower your Dollar Cost Average
  • Placing Stops with Options
  • How to Manage your Option Risk
  • How to Figure Option Pricing
  • Make Money Every Month Trading Options
  • Get Paid Even When you Own Nothing
  • Hedging your Positions with Options
  • Making Money with Weekly Options
  • Daytrading Options
  • Using Options Instead of Stock
  • Selling Naked Options
  • Class Videos For Life!
  • and much more!

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Options Made Simple: 201

  • Hedging - Protection from the Unseen Storm
  • Intro to Short Options
  • The Ultimate Dividend - Get Paid Every Week!
  • Naked Options as a Strategic Maneuver
  • Exercising, Assignment, and Adjusting Uncomfortable Shorts
  • Managing Risk and Cash Allocation
  • Introduction to Compound Option Strategies
  • Writing your Options Trading Plan
  • Class Videos For Life!

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Payment Option: 1 - $895
Payment Option: 2 - $89/mo

Foundations vs Options Made Simple

Trade Setup: The Breakout Trade

Everybody LOVES breakout trades because of the massive ROI they can generate in a short period of time. It’s also a student favorite because you don’t necessary need to know which direction the trade is going to break. It’s a truly neutral setup!

Using Call Options to Play With The Big Boys!

I want to show you how you can also use Call options to “Play With The Big Boys!” Even if you have a small trading account, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to trade stocks like AMZN. This way you can trade the stocks you WANT and not the stocks you “can.”

Lowering Your Costs Basis With The Covered Call

Lack of Options trading knowledge is a significant handicap to the modern-day retail investor. Large fund managers and professional traders have used them for centuries (remember the Dutch tulips!), however I hear a common theme among retail traders that “options are confusing” or “options are risky.” Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be the case! Options are a remarkably powerful tool and with a little bit of knowledge, you can begin using them in a powerful way!

Options Made Simple: 101

The Options Made Simple (OMS) series is designed to bridge the gap between our Foundations of Stocks and Options program and our more advanced options training classes such as Credit Spreads. OMS 101 is a beginner/intermediate program which focuses on the basics of how options really work. Covering subjects like option pricing, greeks, Option chains, Buying calls and buying puts, the use of weekly options, Managing time decay, and working with stops, OMS 101 is intended to help students gain an in-depth understanding of how options work, without a heavy emphasis on strategy.

Options Made Simple: 201

The Options Made Simple 202 program is an intermediate/advanced program intended to help students take their strategic implementation to the next level. OMS 202 covers subjects like using options to create a hedge (insurance) against bad market moves, selling options to benefit from time decay, the covered call strategy, adjusting bad trades to create a winning move, managing risk, combining multiple options to create compound strategies, and Creating your own personal options trading plan. Students who take OMS 202 will have no trouble jumping into advanced options classes and understanding exactly what is being taught.

The Complete Series

Options Made Simple 101 & 201

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