Advanced Trading Strategies Series

We have created the Advanced Trading Strategies series for those traders who have gone through Foundations of Stocks and Options series and want to continue mastering individual strategies.

    Learn popular subjects like:
  • Calculating the appropriate risk per trade
  • Measuring their trading results based on R
  • Incorporating R strategies make more money
  • Trading plans based on your personality
  • Let your winnings pay you more
  • Reduce anxiety and fear
  • And much more!

Risky Business

Master the R's

The Advance Trading Strategies: Risky Business course is designed to help a trader become the master at risk and trade management. The biggest common denominator with traders, who are breaking even or losing money yet know how to trade, is they have no consistent risk management plan. Losing trades are part of the game, but professional traders know how to limit their losing trades while letting their winning trades pay them.

This course will absolutely turn someone around who is struggling with their results. It would also benefit a profitable trader who wants to take their trading to a new level and a simple tweak to their risk management plan may be all they need to breakthrough. Lastly, for new traders this class is a must, as the unique advantage for them, is to learn how to trade with a plan and mitigate their risk from the very beginning.

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    Learn popular subjects like:
  • Covering an uncovered position
  • Analysis for the spread direction
  • Choosing the options strike price
  • Selecting the expiration month
  • Placing the spreads
  • Unraveling the trade if it goes wrong
  • And much more!

Credit Spreads

Profiting in a Stagnant Market

Options trading provides two distinct benefits to the trader: Leverage and Flexibility. The ultimate flexibility comes when the trader uses multiple options together and the Credit Spread is one of the all-time favorite strategies for taking advantage of these benefits – particularly when dealing with sideways or stagnant markets.

Ever since TSU founder Jeremy Whaley wrote his special report How to Retire in One Year with $10,000, based on the credit spread approach, the strategy has become a favorite among TradeSmart students. However, up until now, the training on this strategy has been limited to a basic overview in the Foundations of Stocks and Options program.

Now for the first time ever, we have created a complete program just focused on credit spreads! This mini-series is a live online webinar and consists of four classes which are archived on the member's site as well. Each class is intended to increase the students awareness of the Credit Spread strategy and how to be flexible using it.

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