Tools of the Trade


If you know me very well, you know I like to build things. I have always loved building models cars as a kid, and as I grew up, I started taking on other projects like making furniture, building kitchen cabinetry, and I even renovated a few houses over the past decade. You can build almost … [Read more…]

It’s Okay to Lose


Losing often stirs up negative feelings or brings back unpleasant experiences. I mean, even in this watered down politically correct culture, losing still is not something people want to experience. This is the same in trading. In trading, there are no participation awards. The truth is there are winners and there are losers. The winners … [Read more…]

Strength Training – Understanding The Role of Market Breadth


When traders dive into the world of technical analysis, attention is typically focused on understanding core principles like Support/Resistance, Chart Patterns, Indicators, etc…It is as though they have been given the solution to the “stock market code” and they can’t wait to decode the lines and symbols on their price graph and turn them into real, … [Read more…]

Staying Committed


What are some of the reasons you decided to begin trading? Everyone has them! I enjoy hearing about these reasons during coaching calls with students. Maybe it’s to be debt free, or to be able to buy your dream home, or to provide additional income. Maybe it’s so that you can spend more time with … [Read more…]

Where do you turn when gold collapses?

Where do you turn when gold collapses?

“Gold set for $5,000? It’s a matter of when not if…” That was the headline from Forbes February 29, 2012. Now it’s July 2015 and gold is trading at it’s lowest price of the decade with no signs of turning higher. Traders and investors alike are starting to wonder if a gold collapse is imminent. So … [Read more…]

What’s your Trading Plan?

Trading Plan

I’d like to give you all a little bit of insight into my ever-evolving trading plan. It’s a work in progress, but so far it’s going pretty well! Since joining TSU, I’ve been learning just like many of you have been. Learning how to trade is the journey of a lifetime, and anyone who aspires to … [Read more…]