New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolution

It’s 2016! Start the year off right with small, manageable changes to your trading lifestyle.   Have you made New Year’s resolutions for your 2016 trading journey?   If so…. Congratulations! Research says you’re 10 times more likely to successfully alter a behavior than you would if you didn’t make a start-of-the-year vow.   If … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas TSU Family!


  Merry Christmas TSU Family!   I don’t use the word ‘family’ lightly. Let me explain to you what I mean.   I grew up as an only child. Now some might say, “Oh he’s an only child he had it so easy, or he must be a spoiled brat.” Let me be the first … [Read more…]

Just do your job


At some point everyone has a job. Maybe it was a job in high school or college or maybe it was later in life. Some may even have a job now.   Some might call their job a career. Some do their job well and get rewarded for it by receiving a promotion or a … [Read more…]

From Zero to a Hundred….

Zero to a Hundred

  I grew up knowing very little about the Stock Market, investing, or even what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur or business owner. The only thing that I can recall from my childhood was that one week in 4th grade where we “played the Stock Market game” in my class and all I … [Read more…]

Freedom or Prison?

Freedom or Prison

  As a professional trader and a trader coach, I have the opportunity to talk to many traders each week. Some are wildly good and achieving amazing results, which I define as getting paid and profiting on a consistent basis. Others are absolutely terrible traders. They’re terrible not because they do not know how to … [Read more…]

Remove the Unnecessary Fear


Have you ever found yourself stressing out about issues in the market that are completely out of your control? Playing the “what if” game only to find yourself about to go crazy!   Unfortunately when we deal with money, fear is an emotion that is very easy to find. Consequently it sells. In fact I … [Read more…]

It’s Not Easy Being New

Help I'm New

  As many of you know, I am the newest member of the TSU team! Let me just tell you what a crazy first couple of days it was. Within the first two days, I was late and had a run-in with the local police.   On my very first day as a new team … [Read more…]

Dealing With Sideways Moves

Dealing With Sideways Moves

One of the primary responsibilities of a trader is to forecast the future direction of a security. It’s not really a difficult choice, there are only three options – Up, Down and Sideways. However, because traders are notorious for trying to make simple things complicated, let’s assume we can expand our matrix to a total of … [Read more…]

What Do I Not See?


Back in the last millennium, before iPhones, digital cameras, and Facebook photo sharing that we know and use today, there was a a company that everyone thought would continue to dominate the world. It was considered a “blue chip”, a company that would certainly be around for the next 100 years the same way it has … [Read more…]