The Hidden Danger of Buying Call Options Right Now

hidden danger

  Options are tricky little beasts. They are relatively simple to learn, and exceptionally exciting to profit from. They also come with a couple nasty secrets that most traders never take time to figure out. Two are called Implied Volatility… and its evil twin, Vega.   Have you heard of Implied Volatility before? Vaguely?   When I ask … [Read more…]

When Is it safe to buy stocks again?


    When is it safe to buy stocks again? This is the question millions of investors are asking right now.   Thus far 2016 has been brutal for those who own stocks. The market, as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, has traded down nearly 2000 points since the opening bell January 4. … [Read more…]

How Safe is Your Money?


I speak with students all the time who happen to forget their password and need to reset it. Many students ask me. “Can I just use ‘password’ for my password, I use it for other online services?” I have even heard that some use it for their online banking password….let me tell you a quick … [Read more…]

6 Ways to Survive this Bear Market

bear market

Are you worried you can’t survive this bear market? The U.S. stock market is off to the worst January performance since… well ever. On January 15th Market Watch reported that “U.S. stocks post worst 10-day start to a year in history“. That was before the market plunged another 500+ points just two sessions later. And … [Read more…]

The Day Trader Journey

Day Trading

Should I day trade? This is a question I get asked often from students. My answer though is not always black or white. There are many factors each student needs to consider.   Do you need to make immediate income from your day trading to pay your bills? If the answer to that question is … [Read more…]

Wear Your Own Armor


I have had the privilege of having many great mentors in my life. Besides my father, the man who has had the most influence on me was my first mentor and boss, Alan Moskowitz.   I had just turned 22 years old when I finished my training in NYC and was stationed to our Chicago … [Read more…]