Brexit: The Economic Cost of Political Freedom


This past Thursday Great Britain held a referendum vote to leave the EU. Just in case you missed the headlines, it “shocked” the world and left a trail of financial destruction in its pathway Friday.   Well let’s clarify things a little bit: It shocked the political elite who thought there was “no way” the … [Read more…]

Summertime Trading


TradeSmart Traders, 2016 is halfway over… June is upon us…Summertime is here!   Summertime is a season that many people enjoy their yearly family vacation, summer barbecues and maybe even a few beautiful days at their favorite beach. For those of you who regard summer as their favorite season you probably view these next three … [Read more…]

Why Retail Earnings Continue to Struggle

Why Retail Earnings Continue to Struggle

It’s no secret…   Retail sales this year have been lousy at best.   Now that we have two quarters of reporting in the books, the picture is beginning to come into focus. As Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren said:  “…[we] don’t expect consumers to start spending more anytime soon.”   Today I’m going to show … [Read more…]

Building Your Financial Fortress

Building Your Financial Fortress

If you’ve been around TradeSmart University for any length of time, it’s no surprise we are all about financial freedom for our students. We believe it’s possible for all of our students to create lasting generational wealth with trading.   Many of you already know we have a dedicated program with the purpose of creating … [Read more…]

Precision Entries


I have yet to meet a trader, new or seasoned, who doesn’t have an outcome to make money. I have also never met a trader, new or seasoned, who doesn’t want to make money on a trade quickly.   In fact, in a recent survey I did in Trading Labs, the majority of students (over … [Read more…]