Top 4 mistakes when trading Chart Patterns – Part 3

chart patterns

One of the big challenges when trading chart patterns is the tendency to have somewhat ambiguous rules for what actually qualifies for a pattern.   For those of you who are engineers, scientists, accountants and the like, this reality with chart patterns drives you completely nuts! For those of us who are more creative, artists, … [Read more…]

Trader Discipline


One of the common reasons I hear from struggling traders is their belief that they need to become more disciplined. How many of you have ever said that to yourself or someone else?   “If I can only be more disciplined then my results will be amazing.”   The presupposition in that thought is the … [Read more…]

Master Thesis Business Plan

Trader Drift

They are supposed to âhigh school college or university will be completed. They know all rules that quality guarantee is possible on condition of. In this situation time matter how difficult the and master thesis business plan the needed. We understand that there is no point in writing an outstanding research. The ideas which master … [Read more…]

Maximizing Cash Flow – #5 The Ultimate Dividend

Maximizing Cash Flow - #5 The Ultimate Dividend

You have already learned a LOT in this Maximizing Cash Flow series. Now it is time to supercharge things!   As you learned in our last blog, “Stocks That Generate Income,” there is a tremendous benefit to buying stocks that pay you consistently through dividends. The problem is, most of those dividends pay out quarterly. … [Read more…]

Top 4 mistakes traders make when trading chart patterns – #1

Top 4 mistakes traders make when trading chart patterns - #1

Chart patterns are a great addition to the trader’s toolbox.  They help increase a trader’s insight into trading sentiment and ultimately give indications as to the next likely move.   Unlike some of the newer techniques and gimmicks in the world of trading, chart patterns are a time-tested trading technique that has proven to be … [Read more…]

Cease from your labor…

Cease from your labor...

It’s labor day! That means: The markets are closed School’s out All the mattress stores have HUGE sales (great if you’re sleepy) And we get to celebrate a holiday that we really aren’t so sure about the meaning of it’s existence!   It doesn’t really matter where it came from, Labor day is a great … [Read more…]