Top 4 mistakes when trading Chart Patterns – Part 3

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One of the big challenges when trading chart patterns is the tendency to have somewhat ambiguous rules for what actually qualifies for a pattern.   For those of you who are engineers, scientists, accountants and the like, this reality with chart patterns drives you completely nuts! For those of us who are more creative, artists, … [Read more…]

Top 4 mistakes traders make when trading chart patterns – #1

Top 4 mistakes traders make when trading chart patterns - #1

Chart patterns are a great addition to the trader’s toolbox.  They help increase a trader’s insight into trading sentiment and ultimately give indications as to the next likely move.   Unlike some of the newer techniques and gimmicks in the world of trading, chart patterns are a time-tested trading technique that has proven to be … [Read more…]

This One Chart Pattern Breaks Bullish 68% of the Time!

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There is only one reason to learn to trade chart patterns: to make more consistent predictions about future price action.   Unfortunately, there are many patterns that traders spend time learning and memorizing that either don’t occur that frequently, or worst, they aren’t that predictable!   Here I’m going to share with you a pattern … [Read more…]