How to Change Your Future

How to Change Your Future

We have another powerful podcast episode to share with you.  Do you sometimes find yourself wondering why things keep happening to you?  Why it is that market makers run your stops, or people keep taking advantage of you in various ways? Today’s podcast addresses the root of those issues and you may be surprised to … [Read more…]

New Trading Rules: As A Man Thinks…

New Trading Rules: As A Man Thinks...

In all my years of trading, one of the most prominent mistakes I have found among beginning traders is the reality of MENTAL ERRORS.  Sometimes those mistakes happen in execution.  A LOT of times those mistakes happen before students even sit down to trade.  They are errors in BELIEF.  Errors in the willingness to believe … [Read more…]

Trade to Win

Are you one of those people who “THINKS” you can trade for profits, but doesn’t always “BELIEVE” you can do it? Listen to this great podcast on defeating giants in your life.  You might be surprised how close you are to breakthrough! In this Episode: Most people never get their dreams because they quit dreaming. … [Read more…]

How To Win [Podcast]

How To Win [Podcast]

Hey Fellow traders, are you tired of feeling like you’re a failure when you have a bad trade?  Do you wish you would never ever lose?  Do you wonder what character traits winning traders have in common? In this podcast episode TSU Co-Founder discusses the difference in winners and losers and helps you understand the … [Read more…]

It’s Time To Decide [Featured Podcast]

It's Time To Decide [Featured Podcast]

Do you struggle actually pressing the “place trade” button? Having a hard time deciding on when to place your trade? You’re not alone. Last week I shared a fantastic lunch with one of our students who was driving through town.  I loved getting to meet with Daniel and his son.  But during the conversation I … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Trading Library

The Ultimate Trading Library

Frequently I get questions asking which book or books someone should buy to better understand their trading. It’s kind of a hard question to answer. When I first created our Foundations of Stocks and Options program I referred to it as “the best of my notes”.  Why? Because I had synthesized all of the program from my vast … [Read more…]

NEW! TSU Co-Founder Launches [Podcast]


It’s official!  TSU Co-Founder Jeremy Whaley is launching a podcast! For 8 years students have asked if there was a way to listen to Jeremy’s teachings and musing in the car.  Unfortunately, the answer has always been “no”. But all of that has changed now. And the best part is, it’s a podcast, so IT’S … [Read more…]