6 Ways to Survive this Bear Market

bear market

Are you worried you can’t survive this bear market? The U.S. stock market is off to the worst January performance since… well ever. On January 15th Market Watch reported that “U.S. stocks post worst 10-day start to a year in history“. That was before the market plunged another 500+ points just two sessions later. And … [Read more…]

Trade Idea: ICAD


Mega Gap Swing Trade Setup: ICAD experienced a mega gap on 5/7/15 that traded down into weekly support before closing with the indecision doji candle with huge volume. Today’s candle opened above the low of the gap day suggesting a greater probability of a move higher. As always, only take trades that match your trading … [Read more…]

Trade Idea: MNST


Monster Beverage is setting up for a potentially explosive move as we head into the late spring and summer of 2015. Recently at the beginning of March, MNST presented a large exhaustion gap that has thus far failed follow through to the upside. On Tuesday, April 28, MNST gapped down leaving a single day island … [Read more…]

Trade Idea: FSLR


The market has been a bit stagnate lately and as such we have been waiting for some of our higher quality trades to confirm and trigger.  However last night Frank pointed out a great trade setup in class that we wanted to share with you. The stock:  FSLR Setup: Over the last few years First … [Read more…]

Trade Idea: AUD/USD


Since last July the USD has been on a bullish tear, taking various counter currencies in an apparent crash.  The most recent moves have taken the USD to its greatest extremes and sets up nicely for a decent size counter move.  Two currencies, AUD and EUR, are both equally overextended.  We are looking for buy … [Read more…]

Trade Idea: ALK

Trade Idea: ALK

ALK Trade Idea for March 10, 2015 ALK has entered a Bollinger Band Squeeze. Bollinger Band Squeezes occur during periods of low volatility and typically resolve with either a strong bullish or bearish move. In the case of ALK, historically the stock moves $5-10 following a Bollinger squeeze break out. ALK Analysis: Chart Pattern: Sideways Candlestick Pattern: None … [Read more…]

DDD Trade Idea


  Following a Head and Shoulders pattern in late 2013, DDD has been in a continual down-trend. Additionally, the overall market is showing signs of an imminent retracement. March 3rd hit both price and time projections for a short bearish pull-back on the SPX and the DJIA. With a bearish market and a bearish trend … [Read more…]

AAPL Trade Idea!


  APPL has been developing into a new trade opportunity over the last week of trading. After five strong weeks of trading, AAPL finally took a little break. During this rest, AAPL has completed a logical fibonacci retracement and could continue its bullish progress in the next week or two. Let’s take a look at … [Read more…]