Some Of Our Best Trading Tools [#6 In The Get Started Trading Series]

Get Started Trading #6

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This is article number six in the Get Started Trading blog series on stock market basics. If you have been following this series, you have gained a lot of basic knowledge on understanding stocks, the market, and indicators for choosing the right companies to trade.


Now, it is time to put your trading knowledge into action and dig into some of the helpful resources we have listed below.


The resources below are useful for many aspects of trading. You can use these resources for trading updates, articles and entertainment.

  • Google Finance:
  • Yahoo Finance:
  • MSN Finance:
  • Daily Finance:


For earnings information on the companies you are interested in trading, you can check out Earnings Whispers ( or your broker can also provide you this information.



TRADESMART UNIVERSITY is the BEST resource we can give you for learning to trade in the stock market. We want you to be successful and make money! We value your success as our success.


If you are interested in furthering your trading education beyond this introductory Get Started Trading blog series, then we STRONGLY encourage you to check out our Foundations of Stocks and Options series. Many of our students have gone through this course multiple times because there is so much value within it. They can’t get enough and we don’t blame them!


Also, Jeremy Whaley, co-founder of TradeSmart University, has put together his own library of resources that he would love to share with you completely FREE of charge. To get his ultimate library list of resources, simply shoot him an email at



THE NEWS CAN NOT BE TRUSTED! The news (even stock reporters), tend to be at the end of the loop when relaying information. Usually, by the time any information hits the newsstand or the news channels, that information has already changed.


The only way to stay up to date on stock information is with an up to date, constantly re-analyzing stock charting software like TradeLyon. TradeLyon is constantly running in the background so that every time you want to look at information, it is absolutely the most reliable and up to date source you can depend on for analyzing your stocks.


With the right training, you can and will, consistently pick much better (stocks) than any news commentator and most of our students already do so. Don’t trust the news!



Get your hands on a great stock charting software like TradeLyon. You can’t be successful without it! Stay tuned to this blog series and to TradeSmart University for more great information and resources to help you get started trading.


Don’t forget to share this blog series with your friends. If you are the only one getting rich, you’ll also be the only one covering the drink tabs on your group nights out. Protect your own pockets and have double the fun with your friends by getting rich together.





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