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America’s Independence Day is just weeks away and it is both a time for celebration and also a time for reflection. As a country, we celebrate our legal freedom to follow our own faith, to make our own laws, and to pursue happiness.


On a personal level, this is a great time to reflect on our own lives and look at our own personal liberties. Are we utilizing our freedoms to chase happiness? How free do you REALLY feel in your own daily life?


Are you bogged down with paying bills? Are you using all of your energy to save for retirement to the point that you are unable to enjoy the things you have or wish you had today?


If you feel as though you are bogged down, held back and not in a place for celebrating your freedoms, perhaps a reminder of the efforts of those who came before us can be an encouragement. They fought for what was right. They fought for freedom, independence, and the pursuit of happiness.


In 1776, 442 days after the first shots of the American Revolution were fired, 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. The American Revolution was a necessary war that resulted from oppression and taxation without representation.


War was not a first choice of action by the colonists. War came after exhausting all other more orderly and even unique methods of protest. The colonists attempted boycotts and treaties. They pushed buttons even further with the Boston Tea Party.


The colonists formed their own committees to seek out the best possible solutions. They clearly voiced their opinions to the oppressive British government but when all methods fell on deaf ears, giving in and fighting were the only plays left on the table.


Seeking freedom and independence, the colonists were really left with just one option: They had to fight.


Under oppression, we often feel as though we have a lack of options. Many of us will give in and live under the thumb that holds us back.  Some of us will pout or protest but, in the end, see little to no effective change in our circumstances.


The creative and the inspired may sometimes successfully seek out freedom through unconventional methods. When all else fails though, THE STRONG WILL ALWAYS FIGHT.


Martin Luther King Jr.



Many of us live oppressed financially and our lack of security holds us back from achieving and living as we dream that we can.


What are you held back from? How long have you been putting off family vacations due to lack of financial security? Have you been neglecting chasing your dreams? Are you sitting in debt instead of enjoying life? How long will you allow your oppression to persist? What conventional methods have you tried without success? A simple savings account will not get you very far very fast on the road to financial freedom. It’s time to learn a better way of fighting.




When will you finally fire your first shots of war on your finances and how long will it take to gain your independence? Will it be 442 days as it was for the colonists? Will it be less?


The time is now to get out from under the tyranny of financial oppression. It is up to you to pave the way by example for future generations just as those first 13 colonies paved the way for our freedom in America. Start your own revolutionary war.


The time is NOW to make your declaration of independence. Learn how to exponentially grow your resources in the stock market and Join the revolution for financial independence. Learn how YOU CAN BE FREE.


Ronald Reagan Quote


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