Can You Show Me How to Trade the Stock Market?

Learn to trade

  It was a simple question –”Can you show me how to trade the stock market?” Next week, TradeSmart University celebrates the 6th anniversary of answering that question for thousands of students from over 53 countries. Along the journey, we have met cherished friends and watched lives change. Our first students were my Dad, brother in law, and … [Read more…]

Why you need to contact your student success coach

Student Success Coach

Think back to when you got started with high school or college… looking at the long list of potential courses, you could potentially enroll to take. Some are self-explanatory, while others not so much. There was confusion over which courses should you take and why; which courses would help you best reach your goal of … [Read more…]

How Getting a Haircut Changed my Life

Barber Shop

It was about Eleven O’clock in the morning on one of those gorgeous San Francisco days where you want to pinch yourself because you cannot believe how lucky you are to live in a city like this. We were about two hours into a very intense meeting and one of my co-workers interrupted me as I was … [Read more…]

At Last, The Secret to Trading Behavior Revealed

Top Secret

  Have you ever felt like beating your head into your computer trying to figure out why a stock behaves certain ways? Does it ever feel like some professional is just waiting for you to place your trade so they can turn around and rip you out of your money? You need to understand trading … [Read more…]

How to use your trading journal profitably

Journal Blog

Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see an infomercial for Trading Journals? Just imagine for a second [read as an obnoxious tv salesman in mind…] Ladies and gentlemen… this journal slashes losing trades, shreds commissions, cleans messy analysis and will time your entries and exits perfectly. No more second guessing yourself or dealing with messy trade clean up. This … [Read more…]

How to get the computer to trade for you

How to get computer to work for you

  Automated trades? Ahhh, imagine being able to run to soccer practice or relax on the beach without the worry of missing a trade setup! Imagine a world where the computer would actually trade on your behalf! Perhaps this sounds complicated or like something out of a sci-fi movie? The reality is, it’s actually very simple. We often … [Read more…]

Why I Hate Trailing Stops and Maybe You Should Too!

Why I Hate Trailing Stops and Maybe You Should Too!

Are you confused about Trailing Stops? If so, you’re not alone!  Trailing Stops can be confusing, and there are some very unique risks associated with placing the order that most traders don’t think about.Over the years we have had several students ask about how trailing stops work, and why they should or should not use … [Read more…]