Retire with Passive Income



For most people the word itself conjures up images of living a laid back life somewhere near the beach, chasing grandchildren, enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of labor. One thing it does not conjure up: Financial Desperation.


And yet for millions of Americans, financial desperation is the only thing the word retirement brings to mind. I’m going to show you how you can earn 15-20% a year on your stock trades with a relatively consistent income.


But first, let’s look at some of the statistics


Currently there are approximately 10,000 Americans reaching retirement age every day in the United States. Multiplied out, that number represents about 3.6 million Americans each year who are reaching the age of retirement.


Yet, according to recent studies, only about 27% of referring individuals have confidence in how they will financially survive retirement, which means 73% do not know how they will spend the later years of their life.


Are you one of the 73% of Americans who have no idea financially how you can retire?


So what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that grim?


What if I told you in 5 years or less, you could create the retirement you’ve never had?




I have spent the last decade sharing secrets to creating a sustainable retirement. In the work we have done with TradeSmart University, we have helped thousands of people age 50 and over discover that their dream for retirement income is not nearly as far as they once believed.


But here’s the key…


Retiring in comfort is not about having a lot of money. Retiring in comfort is about having CASH FLOW. Cash flow is the money that flows into your bank account every month. Cash flow is the key to paying bills and surviving any phase of life (regardless of age).


And yet, most Americans and most financial planners do not focus on building cash flow, rather they focus on growing net worth.


Net worth is your value on paper if you were to add up all of your assets. Things like your house, your car, all of your private property, and of course your cash in the bank. This is all counted in your net worth. The problem with net worth is you can’t live on it!


There are people who live an entire lifetime just fine with absolutely zero net worth, and yet, most people can not live even 2 or 3 weeks without cash flow.


“you can live an entire lifetime with zero net worth, but you can not live even 2-3 weeks without cash flow”



More than half of Americans invest in the stock market in some form. It may be through a 401k, IRA, another investment vehicle, or through a personal trading account. But the fact remains Americans understand the value of owning part of larger corporations.


There is only one problem with investing in stocks: There is an uncertain pay day!


Most people invest in stocks and hold those positions over time. The strategy makes sense but the cash flow does not. The long term stock trader may win in the “net worth” game, but lose the cash flow game.


Remember what I said earlier: A person can live an entire lifetime with zero net worth, but you can not live 2-3 weeks without cash flow.


So how can we create monthly income while also investing in the stock market?


I created a special webinar specifically on this, that you can access right now at no-cost. Included with your registration is the full-report: Retire with Passive Income.







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